What can Metafore do for you?

Metafore creates a secure and easy-to-use, client and compliance management system

The requirements for companies and advisors active in financial advisory market are today extensive, and this is a development that continues. Metafore is a modern system support that simplifies everyday life for both companies and advisors.

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Metafore is designed to:

  • create the conditions for better advice by gathering all the customer’s assets in one place, in a clear view.
  • enable a systematic follow-up and reporting to the advisor, management, control functions and clients.
  • management should systematically monitor risks in advisory services, exposure to markets and instruments and monitor advice.
  • create security for advisers in complying with regulations and policies.
  • clients should get advice that are well adapted for them, and which they understand.

  • modernize the infrastructure and streamline business processes.
  • asset managers with the right skills and tools develop current investment proposals that are matched to the customer’s risk tolerance in the system.


Metafore supports suitability reports and enables systematic monitoring and reporting to clients, advisors, management and control functions. Choose from several standard formats or customize your own prints and reports. The reports can be presented in web format or PDF.


In Metafore, the company’s management manages the advice using electronic documents, limits and rules in the system. The management can systematically monitor risks in advisory services, exposure to markets and instruments and monitor advice.


Metafore enables a total overview of all customers’ holdings, which provides better conditions for effective advice.


Metafore can be refilled with data in various ways; using modern techniques. Metafore also considers securities data from Morningstar for funds and market  data for structured products.


Here, all information is gathered from in one place. The customer chooses a password and can then log in and see a complete picture of their holding. The advantage for the customer is that all insurance and investments are in one place, with updated values of holdings.


Managing fees can be a time consuming and painful with many potential sources of error. Metafore handles all needed steps both from a practical perspective as well as from a Compliance perspective.


In Metafore, you can easily print pre-filled forms and other application documents. You can also add a free number of own forms, advisory documents and other documents with the customer’s pre-filled information. Metafore handles both Word and PDF.


There are advanced search functions in Metafore that enable advisers to efficiently process their client base. Search for, for example, client, products, deposits with liquid funds, structured products with events, clients with holdings in specific funds etc.


Metafore is based on proven Microsoft technology. The system uses Microsoft technology for data storage and servers. Access to Metafore is protected by SSL encryption. Each company’s customer information is located in separate databases that are accessed by the customer’s login.

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